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AWE: A Woman's Experience

Editorial Policy

AWE is a student-run journal with two managing Co-Editors in Chief and a team of student editors comprised of both undergraduate and graduate students, as well as a faculty advisor selected by the executive committee of the BYU Global Women’s Studies program. Winners of the Susa Young Gates Award for Best Student Essay in Women's Studies and the Minerva Teichert Prize for Creative Work will have their works reviewed for publication in the journal.

AWE, acronym for A Woman’s Experience, is an annual journal of BYU Women’s Studies and is co-published by the College of Humanities and College of Family, Home, and Social Sciences. Founded in 2011, the journal provides an opportunity for interdisciplinary investigation into all aspects of a woman’s experience in the academy and elsewhere.

AWE welcomes submissions from current and previous undergraduate and graduate students from BYU and other universities that are engaged with women’s lived experience: historical treatments of women’s inclusion and exclusion in political, social, and cultural institutions, theoretical considerations of how gender potentially complicates, elucidates, or changes these fields, and explorations of women’s experiences in the contemporary, global world. Each issue contains research and original creative writing or artwork. All submissions should be high quality and original work and will undergo a revision process for publication.

Call For Submissions

Submissions should be submitted via the form provided. AWE seeks student essays, research, stories, creative writing, poems, digital art, visual art, and performative art that consider women’s lives and gender as a category. Submissions should take up Women’s Studies from a unique angle, be clear and interesting to read, and contribute something new to the academic conversation about women. Final submission deadline for the 2024 journal is January 30, 2024. Please send questions to

Contact Us

Student Co-Editors in Chief
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Faculty Advisor:

Marlene Esplin