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Meet Your Advisors

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Natalie Hansen

Natalie Hansen is the Career Director for Global Women's Studies. Having degrees in Hospitality and Tourism Management, Social Work, and Education and Child Development, she understands that finding the right career is a unique and fun journey. As a Career Director for GWS, her role is to help make the transition from college to a career as easy and enjoyable as possible. She can help you with career exploration, in-depth resume and cover letter review, job searching, networking, interviewing skills, and graduate school preparation. To make an appointment, click here or reach out to her via email, at

Marie Orton

Marie Orton, Professor of Italian, member of the GWS Executive Committee. Prof. Orton has served as an advisor and mentor to multiple university programs. If you are considering grad school, whether you are just beginning your academic journey or a senior in the process of applying, or somewhere in-between, please email her and make an appointment ( No matter what stage you are at, she will help you know how to approach the application process, how to craft a powerful personal statement, and how to assemble a successful application.

Anna-Lisa Halling

Associate Professor of Portuguese, GWS Internship Coordinator.
If you are interested in completing a GWS internship, please email her at to set up an appointment. There are a lot of exciting opportunities already established and others that are currently in the works. Whatever your major and/or your interests, there is an internship that is the right fit for you. Prof. Halling is more than happy to help you choose and set up internship opportunities that will benefit not only your current course of study, but also your future career.

Raquel Petrus

Raquel Petrus, Kennedy Center Advisor/ Internship Coordinator. Raquel is one of the advisors at the Kennedy Center who helps students explore the GWS minor. Once you are ready, she can support you with the creation of your GWS minor graduation plan.

Lesa Snyder

Lesa Snyder is one of the academic advisors for Global Women's studies. She is here to help students plan for the GWS minor, understand course options, and connect them to resources and other professionals that are here to support GWS students. To request an appointment, click here or reach out to Kennedy Advisement at