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Apply to be a Faculty Affiliate

General Information about Affiliated Faculty

The Kennedy Center, the College of Family, Home, and Social Sciences and the College of Humanities jointly house and sponsor Global Women’s Studies. Membership as a faculty affiliate is open to all BYU faculty members whose teaching, research, and/or service activities involve global or domestic women’s issues. Global Women’s Studies provides a supportive environment and affiliates have access to a network in which junior and senior affiliated faculty members share, mentor, and, where appropriate, collaborate on research relating to women’s issues. The Global Women’s Studies program sponsors colloquia, other lectures, visiting scholars, collaborative research projects, mentoring relationships, open houses, conferences, and other related activities. These activities provide interdisciplinary contacts and connections, improve research opportunities, and foster the development of women’s studies at BYU.

Global Women's Studies faculty affiliates serve as mentors to our minors from all disciplines across campus. Ideally, a major in any program who wants to minor in Global Women's Studies could look to faculty affiliates from his or her own department or college as mentors. Affiliates also give input to help shape the future direction of Global Women's Studies at Brigham Young University.

Responsibilities of GWS Affiliates:

GWS affiliates are listed on our website. We hope that they will serve as mentors to GWS minors who might be interested in their field of study. Affiliates also give input to help us shape the future direction of GWS on campus. There is very little time commitment required of GWS affiliates, but we recommend that you communicate with your chair about all of your contributions to programs beyond your own

Affiliating is Easy

Please fill out this quick survey to let us know how you would like to be involved.

    Benefits of Affiliation

    Email List

    We include affiliates on an email list to keep them updated about GWS-sponsored events on campus.

    Teaching and Research Faculty Group

    We have a WS teaching and research faculty group (WSTAR) that you might enjoy participating in. WSTAR invites top Women’s Studies scholars to campus each fall and winter to discuss their books and articles. WSTAR might serve as a place for you to present research-in-progress before publication or could give you the opportunity to hear others' research and teaching ideas.

    University Conference Brunch

    All GWS affiliates are invited to attend a fall University Conference brunch at which we discuss the program and future initiatives and opportunities. We also invite all affiliates to a graduation / awards recognition luncheon during April graduation.

    GWS Colloquium

    Every fall and winter semester, we sponsor the GWS colloquium, a lecture series about the latest research in a variety of fields related to Women's Studies. We also encourage you to let us know if you would like to present some of your research during an upcoming semester.

    Conferences and Events

    Our two big events every year are the fall conference and a multi-event celebration of Women's History Month in March. Please let me know if you would like to help out in any way with those events.


    The university supports two grants related to research on women: the Emmeline B. Wells Grant (two-year grant up to $25,000) and the Women's Research Initiative Grants (up to $5000). The deadline for applications is near October 31 each year. GWS organizes the review of grant applications.