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Honor Society

COVID-19 Update: The Global Women’s Studies Honor Society (GWSHS) leadership team is busy making plans for the fall 2021 semester to accommodate campus COVID-19 restrictions. While all dates for the GWSHS events are still being finalized, here are some events to watch for:

Every Thursday 11a-12p: 216 HRCB Weekly Club Gathering
September 10: Global Womens Studies Honor Society Kickoff Social (Marigold Plaza, east of the Kennedy Center)
September 30: Fall Induction Ceremony (Alice Louise Reynold's Auditorium, HBLL) 7:00pm
October: Latin Dance Night
Panel with Hispanos Unidos club
November: Care Week

The purpose of GWSHS is to encourage and support scholarship and excellence in global women's studies at Brigham Young University. Excellence in global women's studies can help to accomplish the "Aims of a BYU Education. "Students who understand profoundly the lives, needs, and accomplishments of women will be spiritually strengthened and intellectually enlarged. Their character will be built as they seek to reach beyond themselves to help others, and this can lead to a life of learning and service."

All GWSHS activities this year are aimed to encourage and support scholarship and excellence in global women’s studies by approaching topics with a holistic understanding of how race, ethnicity, indigeneity, ability, age, socioeconomic status, gender identity, sexual orientation, citizenship, religion, language, and education intersect.

We invite Global Women's Studies minors or any student at Brigham Young University having a strong interest in women's studies to apply to join our honor society.

Members will be able participate in lectures, discussions, panels, workshops, films, and service activities related to women's lives and issues. GWSHS creates a sense of community among students, faculty, and campus organizations involved in global women's studies.

You are invited to apply to be a member of BYU's Global Women's Studies Honor Society!