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Study Abroad

Human Rights, Women's Rights

Summer 2022 will see the return of the BYU human rights and global women’s rights study abroad program. Join us in a European exploration into how nations, institutions and individuals work to supplant mankind’s inhumanity to man and woman with peace, compassion, development, and freedom.

In the context of a Latter-day Saint worldview, students will explore the history and current status of human and women’s rights. As a human rights hub, London is an ideal base from which to engage with groups and persons who promote liberty and equality through the protection and advancement of women, anti-slavery measures, religious freedom and more. We will explore the United Kingdom National Holocaust Centre, the Pankhurst Centre for suffragette history, the International Slavery Museum, and Bletchley Park (where women codebreakers advanced the end of World War II).

Students will also engage with the UK Parliament, the London School of Economics Centre for Women, Peace and Security; Anti-Slavery, Girls Not Brides, Rights of Women, the AMAR Foundation (which protects vulnerable minorities and refugees in the Middle East), and the English Inns of Court. We will then travel to the European continent where we expect to visit the European Court of Human Rights (Strasbourg, France), the International Criminal Court and Anne Frank House (the Netherlands), Dachau Concentration Camp, Nuremberg Trial Courthouse Museum, and Berchtesgaden (the location of Hitler’s Eagle’s Nest in the Alps). Of course, we will also enjoy museums and theaters in London, some English countryside, hikes in the Bavarian Alps, medieval castles, and trips to quaint Alsatian villages on the border of France and Germany.