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Faculty Teaching and Research Group (WSTAR)

The Global Women's Studies program at BYU, a joint program in the College of Humanities, the College of Family, Home, and Social Sciences, and the Kennedy Center for International Studies and with faculty affiliates from across campus, is an interdisciplinary forum for the study of women's past and present position in global society. One of its aims is to bring together faculty from myriad disciplines to share their work on topics related to women’s studies as a means of enhancing their teaching and scholarship. The Women's Studies Faculty Teaching and Research Group helps to further its members' training in contemporary theories and practices related to women’s studies.

This forum allows faculty whose work involves the study of women an opportunity to deepen their level of engagement with the latest trends in the field. The research group plans to take an aspect of Women’s Studies each year and focus its activities around this topic so as to encourage sophisticated, sustained, and critical thinking that could enhance teaching and scholarship in multiple disciplines. Topics could include women and media, women and space, women and the body, women and religion, or more focused subjects such as the female brain, female spectatorship, and so on.

We plan to schedule events and activities that involve presentations and workshops conducted by eminent scholars in the field of women’s studies as well as by members of the group. In the fall semester, the group will read one article or essay that has been identified as central to the year’s topic and then invite the author to campus to conduct a workshop that will focus on the pedagogical and practical applications of their work. We will also determine a “book of the year” that we will read in the course of that semester. In the winter semester, we will invite the author of this book to campus to lead a mini-seminar. In both semesters, we will hold one or two meetings in which faculty present their research and scholarship and obtain feedback from the group.

If you would like to present your research to the group, please contact Sara Phenix to schedule a presentation:

Past Events
Recent Visiting Scholars
BYU Professors' Workshopped Papers
Winter 2014
Marianne Hirsch (Columbia University), author of Rites of Return: Diaspora Poetics and the Politics of Memory
William Peterfield Trent Professor of English and Comparative Literature Professor
Graduate Director, Institute for Research on Women, Gender and Sexuality
Director, Center for the Study of Social Difference

Leela Fernandes (University of Michigan), author of Transnational Feminism in the United States: Knowledge, Ethics, Power
Glenda Dickerson Collegiate Professor in Women's Studies
Professor of Political Science

Catherine Orr, author of Everyday Women’s and Gender Studies: Introductory Concepts.[Critical Identity Studies]

Karen Offen, author of European Feminisms, 1750-1900.[History]

Valentine Moghadam, author of Globalization and Social Movements.[Sociology]

Suzanne Luhmann, author of “Pedagogy” in Rethinking Gender and Women’s Studies.[German Studies] Luhmann discussed her chapter on pedagogy in Rethinking Gender and Women's Studies and led a conversation about teaching Women's Studies. She also give a lecture for the German department on her research on perpetrator representations at the concentration memorial site at Ravensbrueck.

Judith Grant, author of Fundamental Feminism. [Political Science]

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Renata Forste with Hayley Pierce and Ashley Larsen Gibby. Pierce, Hayley, Ashley L. “Caregiver Decision-making: Household Response to Child Illness.” Population Research and Policy Review, 35.5(2016): 581-597. This paper presented to WSTAR in 2014.

Jennifer Haraguchi:
“Convent Alternatives for Rich and Poor Girls in Seventeenth-Century Florence: The Lay Conservatories of Eleonora Ramirez di Montalvo (1602–1659),” Devout Laywomen in the Early Modern World, ed. Alison Weber (Burlington, Vermont: Ashgate, forthcoming).This was workshopped in WSTAR in 2015.

Amy Harris, "Family Life in England and America, 1690-1820", 4 vols., edited by Amy Harris, Rachel Cope and Jane Hinckley, Pickering and Chatto, 2015. A chapter from this work was workshopped in WSTAR in 2014.

Francesca Lawson, "The Women of Quyi: Liminal Voices and Androgynous Bodies (New York: Routledge, 2017). A chapter from this book was workshopped in WSTAR in 2015.

Valerie Hegstrom, Co-authored with Amy R. Williamsen, “Gendered Matters: Engaging Research on Early Modern Dramaturgas in the Classroom,” in Teaching Gender through Latin American, Latino and Iberian Texts and Culture, eds. Leila Gómez, Asunción Horno-Delgado, Mary K. Long,Núria Silleras-Fernández (Rotterdam: Sense Publishers, 2015): 99-124. This chapter was influenced by the work and conversations with workshop leader Suzanne Luhmann (U of Alberta) in Fall 2014.

Heather Belnap Jensen, co-authored with Corry Cropper and Daryl Lee. Marianne Meets the Mormons: Mormonism in the French Imaginary, 1830-1914. This book project was reviewed by workshop leader Karen Offen (Stanford U) in Winter 2016.
"A Cruel Pleasure: Les Piqueurs of 1819 and the Art of Sexual Harassment on the Streets of Paris.” This paper project was critiqued by Karen Offen (Stanford U) in Winter 2016.

Brandie Siegfried “Notorious: Gráinne Ní Mháille, Graven Memory, and the Uses of Irish Legend,” in Queens and Poets Speak, ed. Carol Levin (New York: Palgrave MacMillan, 2015), 240-50. This paper was presented paper to WSTAR in 2014.
December 5: Brandie Siegfried (English) - "Notorious: Gráinne Ní Mháille, Graven Memory, and the Uses of Legend"
January 9 (3:00-4:00pm): Renata Forste (Sociology) - "Caregiver Decision-making: Household Response to Child Illness"
Judith Grant, Professor and Chair of Political Science at Ohio University, author of Fundamental Feminism, has worked as Director of the Women's Studies programs at USC and Ohio University. She will be on campus March 12-14 to have three conversations with the Women's Studies Faculty Teaching and Research Group (WSTAR):
Wednesday, March 12 “Writing Fundamental Feminism, How My Thinking Has Developed, and How It Would Change If I Rewrote It Today"
Thursday, March 13 "My Current Research - Recent Articles"
Friday, March 14 “The Current State of Women’s Studies in the Academy - My Advice”
Dr. Amy Harris (BYU History) discussed her book project: A Single View: Family Life and the Unmarried Georgian with WSTAR members.