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Give Back

Alumni and friends can easily support our students in two ways:

1. Donate/Support the Global Opportunity Initiative

Help us reach our goal to establish a $10 million endowment for the Global Opportunity Scholarship by donating any amount one time or setting up a recurring monthly or yearly contribution as your budget allows.

This new initiative only started a few years ago with a small but committed (and growing) group of supporters. One thing unites donors of any amount: the sincere desire to reduce the financial barriers that keep more BYU students from studying abroad.

What is the Global Opportunity Scholarship?

The Global Opportunity Scholarship is a needs-based award that funds up to $5,000 for a student's first academic experience abroad. It differs from other scholarships in that it can fund students from ANY major and ANY college on campus and is one of the few scholarships that is open to international students. Since its creation in 2015, the Global Opportunity Scholarship has funded 327 students from 100 different majors and all 11 colleges on campus.

Global Opportunity Spotlight: Sydney Jensen

Meet Sydney Jensen

“Even though I was working four jobs each semester and barely making ends meet after paying for school and rent, everything fell into place. I never thought that a semester abroad in Ecuador would be possible.”


Visit our @globalopportunityscholars Instagram account to learn about hundreds of other recipients.

Global Opportunity Supporter: Kyndra Peterson

Why I Support #BYUGOS

One of our first supporters, Kyndra Peterson, couldn’t participate on a program when she was a student and wanted to do her part to help current students have the opportunity to learn abroad. 

Origins: BYU Study Abroad 1965

Lifetime Impact

The U.S. Ambassador to North Korea got his start on BYU’s very first study abroad program to Salzburg. And he couldn’t have done it without financial help.

Kennedy Center Alumni Challenge

Alumni Giving Challenge

If 1,000 alumni gave $100/year we could give 20 additional students the opportunity to go abroad each year. Act now to be part of our new Global Opportunity Initiative to help BYU students get out of Provo and study around the world! Georg Charbadze, an international student and a Kennedy Center alumna who went abroad, shows how easy it can be. Students are also supporting this initiative and have already donated $5,000 toward funding Global Opportunity Scholarships for fellow students.

Donate Now

2. Become a Mentor

Become a Kennedy Mentor and share your professional experience. You’ll be paired with at least one student each semester and interact at least three times. Current areas include law, business, diplomacy, national security, and international development. Those interested in becoming a mentor can reach out to

There are also many opportunities available to mentor and connect with students on the BYU Kennedy Center Linkedin.