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How to Study Abroad

Seven Easy Steps

If you want to study abroad but aren’t sure where to start, follow the steps below:

1: FIND A PROGRAM. Visit the Find Your International Study Program page to find the program that’s right for you.

2: APPLY. Fill out an application for the program you selected. Don’t forget to check the box that says “ISP Discount” on the application if you’d like to be considered for a discount!

3: FUND YOUR PROGRAM. Check out the Scholarships page and take the four-minute survey at the top of the page. Apply for the scholarships that it says you are eligible to receive.

4: TAKE THE PREP COURSE AND MAKE PAYMENTS. Once you are officially accepted into the program, sign up for the program prep course. You will receive a payment schedule and make your initial payment.

5: BOOK YOUR FLIGHT. Once you’ve attended your prep course class, you can begin looking for flights. If you're traveling to Western Europe, you can use our online booking tool called Simply Travel. For all other destinations, the BYU Travel Office is here to help! Contact them in person in room 280B HRCB, by phone at (801) 422–3872, or by email at

6: PICK UP YOUR BACKPACK. Before heading abroad, be sure to upload your passport information to your program application page, register for the courses you will take while on the program, make your second payment, and pick up your free ISP backpack in room 101 HRCB.

7: DEPART. Have a fantastic experience learning abroad!