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Fast Facts


  • 7 major programs and 10 minor programs
  • Average of 950 enrolled students and 100 graduates per year
  • Weekly lecture series held on Wednesdays at noon during fall and winter semesters on topics like Authoritarianism and Its Discontents, Building a Civil Society, The Global Religious Experience, Race: Myths and Realities, Challenges to Democracy, Engaging Global Inequality, Environmental Stewardship, Women and Politics, and more
  • Notable authors present at the Featured Title lecture every fall and winter semester 
  • Kennedy Mentors available to help juniors/seniors map out their path to global careers each fall/winter semester


International Study Programs

  • 4 program types are offered: study abroad, international internships, direct enrollment, and field school programs
  • 2,360 students participated in 206 programs in 48 countries in 2022
  • 17% of students study abroad while at BYU
  • Annual Photo Contest awards cash prizes each year for photos taken on international study programs around the world 
  • Program participants can create and submit videos to the Film Festival for a chance at cash awards and a spot on our BYU Stories Abroad YouTube Channel

Student Organizations and Clubs


  • Administer the China Teachers Program—a nonprofit organization sending degree-holding professionals on a one-year service experience in China
  • Support the International Society—an association of business professionals with international interests who are members or friends of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
  • Host a Model United Nations (MUN) conference for high school students each year
  • Creator and owner of CultureGrams, a widely known and loved resource for education, private, and public organizations since the 1980s—available for purchase through many schools across the U.S. via ProQuest
  • Producer of films including Helen Foster Show: Witness to RevolutionThe Kennedy Way, and ten documentaries in the Beyond the Border Series, including our award-winning films on energy in Central Asia (Fault Lines and Pipelines), Korean Reunification (Unfortunate Brothers) and Brazil’s unique identity (Fronteira da Grandeza

Social Media

  • 6 social media accounts that connect alumni, students, and friends of the Kennedy Center 
  • 1200+ recorded lectures from scholars, diplomats, and international professionals on our YouTube channel


  • The latest Open Doors report, released annually by the Institute of International Education, recognized BYU as #1 in the nation for number of students studying abroad
  • BYU remains a top-performing institution for Boren Scholarships in 2024
  • BYU, in conjunction with the University of Utah, has been named a National Resource Center (NRC) for Latin American and Asian Studies by the U.S. Department of Education, providing the two schools with $7 million in funding starting in 2022. This marks the fourth time that BYU and the University of Utah have been named an NRC for Asia and the third time for Latin America
  • BYU’s MUN has competed since 1965 and had a 13-year streak where both countries received the top “outstanding” award 
  • Collegiate Model EU was created in partnership with University of Washington and Scripps/Pomona as part of BYU’s Center for the Study of Europe Title VI National Resource Center (NRC)