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Diplomacy Scholarship

New U.S. Diplomacy Scholarship
Apply now to support your goals to become a diplomat with up to $5,000

Selection Criteria

  • Demonstrated commitment to pursuing a career in diplomacy with the U.S. government as a Foreign Service officer or related position with an agency whose primary mission is promoting diplomatic interests of the United States.
  • Academic achievement
  • Leadership and extracurricular accomplishments
  • Completed or upcoming government internship
  • International, foreign language, and cross-cultural competency
  • Full-time BYU student and U.S. citizen

Application deadline: Friday, 19 November 2021 by noon.

Apply Now

This scholarship is provided by the V Jordan and Patricia N. Tanner Endowment. To learn more about V Jordan Tanner, one of the providers of this scholarship, click here.