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Kennedy Scholars

Each year a fortunate group of students receives the distinction of becoming Kennedy Scholars, named in honor of the center’s namesake David M. Kennedy, who exemplified all things international in his business career and in his service to the Church.

Applications for the annual Kennedy Scholar awards are due each winter semester for the following academic year.

Established in 2005, the award is open to all full-time undergraduate BYU students who embody the aims of the Kennedy Center. Emphasis is placed on students who have an international or global focus, which they have demonstrated through majors, minors, participation in Kennedy Center programs, theses, research projects, or internships. Recipients will receive a monetary stipend that can be applied to tuition for both fall and winter semesters. Recipients will be required to participate in various Kennedy Center events throughout fall and winter semesters.

Application Deadline

31 March

Application Instructions

Before going to the application link below, we encourage students to prepare answers to the following questions that they can cut and paste into the online application form. Be aware that each question has a 3,000-character maximum allowance (300–500 words).

1. The Kennedy Center encourages students to be actively engaged during their time as a student at BYU through a variety of experiences. Please list (include names, dates, locations, etc.) all the specific ways you have been or are currently involved. (This could include but is not limited to majors/minors, clubs, study abroad, internships, research opportunities, volunteer service, other international experiences, community involvement, leadership roles, etc.) Simply list; do not write an essay for this question.

2. Of the experiences you listed, pick one or two that have been most meaningful to you, and explain why.

3. Briefly explain how your overall involvement with the Kennedy Center has changed you personally.

4. The Kennedy Center strives to equip students with international perspectives and tools to promote intellectual, physical, and spiritual well-being throughout the world. Tell us about your future plans and how they specifically embody this vision.

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