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Student Alumni Representative

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Help expand alumni and student connections at the Kennedy Center working in partnership with BYU Alumni. The Student Alumni Relations Council supports student opportunities with alumni through networking events, Choose2Give campaigns, and BYU Alumni activities. You will assist as a liaison to the Kennedy Center through collaboration, planning, and comms/marketing. Requirements include:

  • Kennedy Center student major or minor 
  • Demonstrated leadership and interpersonal skills 
  • Junior or senior and completed study abroad or international internship (preferred)
  • Leadership experience with Kennedy Center student organizations (preferred)
  • Ability to attend monthly meetings (HC)

CURRENT REPRESENTATIVE | Academic Year 2022–23

  • Amance Deray


  • Nicole Francis

Apply for your preferred position no later than April each year by sending your resume (PDF) and a personal statement (one paragraph) explaining why you would be an effective Kennedy Center Representative to