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The Kennedy Center Announces the 2022 Kennedy Scholars

Michael Ryan, Kennedy Scholar recipient, on a recent trip abroad.

The Kennedy Center has just named the twelve recipients of the 2022 Kennedy Scholars scholarship: Andrew Bonney, Dallyn McCracken, Brynn Morse, Alix Hess, Noah Petty, Garrett Maxwell, Kyli Fox, Michael Ryan, Matias Hiltunen, Claire Farnsworth, Amelia Watterson, and Sarah Read.

The scholarship, established in 2005, is awarded each year to full-time BYU undergraduate students who embody the aims of the Kennedy Center; recipients are given a monetary stipend for fall and winter semesters. Applications are due each spring for the following academic year.

Lesa Snyder, academic advisor at the Kennedy Center, said, “I think it is important that we recognize students for embodying the Kennedy Center’s aims because these students have put a lot of extra effort into having an international or global focus drive their educational path. They work hard to increase their understanding of the world and to build a greater appreciation for the different cultures of the world through their actions.”

Applicants provide short responses about their involvement with the Kennedy Center, how their future plans embody the Kennedy Center’s vision, and meaningful experiences they’ve had with internships, clubs, majors/minors, etc.

Interested in applying? Visit the Kennedy Scholars page to learn more.