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Emily Emerick Hired as Academic Advisor

Emily Emerick, on the far right, with her family

We are pleased to announce that Emily Emerick joined the Kennedy Center as a new academic advisor in June 2023.

Emerick grew up in Boise, Idaho, and received her undergraduate degree from BYU in Health Sciences and a master’s in Academic Advising from Kansas State University. Previous to working at the Kennedy Center, she was a career advisor. “Before that, I went to many different major universities on the west coast and the Midwest working with students,” Emerick says. “I have always loved working with students—it energizes me!”

She says she was drawn to the Kennedy Center mission, adding, “And it’s a bonus to work with Lesa [Snyder].” Along with Snyder, she will advise the 400+ BYU students who have declared Kennedy Center majors.

“I look forward to working with the talented faculty and staff here and learning from them,” she says. “I am also excited to get to know the students in the Kennedy Center majors and help support them on their path to graduation and encourage them in their dreams.”

We are pleased to welcome Emily Emerick to the Kennedy Center! If you’re a student who’d like to learn more about our academic advisement center or set up an appointment to meet with Emerick or Snyder, click here.