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Congratulations to our 2023 Kennedy Scholars

Congratulations to the 2023 Kennedy Scholars recipients, who are full-time BYU undergraduate students chosen to receive a monetary stipend for embodying the aims of the Kennedy Center.

AnneMarie Ackerman, International Relations
Brandon Anderton, International Relations
Julia Chatterly, Political Science
Quinn Christensen, International Relations
Sydney Christley, Applied English Linguistics
Emma Cummings, Strategic Management
Emma Dart, International Relations
William Martindale, Asian Studies
Kendra Pinegar, International Relations
Aaron Richards, Ancient Near Eastern Studies (Greek New Testament emphasis)
Scott Sawaya, Economics
Grace Wilson, European Studies

AnneMarie Ackerman, one of the recipients, says, “The questions [in the application] allowed me to reflect on the experiences I have had with the Kennedy Center, which was a beneficial experience for me. . . . I personally have been blessed with several opportunities to learn via hands-on experiences, including my first exposure to the international arena in Peru. The Kennedy Center has enriched my learning and motivated me to be a 'stone catcher' in issues I see globally, starting by creating a harmonious experience in my own local communities.”

“Being involved with everything the Kennedy Center offers has been the highlight of my time at BYU,” says Emma Dart, another Kennedy Scholar. “Involvement with organizations, events, and programs is the most significant exposure to new ways of thinking and different life experiences. Additionally, I am continually outside my comfort zone and find opportunities to learn new skills that I would not have been able to learn in a standard classroom setting.”

She adds, “I have found the most incredible mentors that have encouraged me each step of the way and connected me to additional opportunities that continue to expand my experience at BYU. Ultimately, the Kennedy Center has allowed me to identify my future career and see the world from different perspectives.”

Kennedy Scholar applicants submit information about their involvement with the Kennedy Center, how their future plans embody the Kennedy Center’s vision, and meaningful experiences they’ve had with internships, clubs, majors/minors, etc. Applications are due each spring for the following academic year; visit the Kennedy Scholars page to learn more.