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New Program Proposals

How can I propose a new program?

The information on this page is specifically for proposing International Study Programs designed for students in a particular major and minor degree program. For information on how to direct a general education international study program, see the SAGE website.

Though the process may vary, the typical process is described below in the following charts. The first explains the roles of each person or group in creating and running a program. The second, a flow chart, illustrates how this process unfolds. Please note that the completed and endorsed proposal is due to be submitted to ISPAC by March 1 of the year prior to the year in which the program is to be offered. That is, if you plan on offering your program in spring of 2025, your proposal is due by March 1 of 2024.

You may also want to watch the training video that you will find at bottom of this page.

ISP Process - Interactive Pathway

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