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Middle East Studies Arabic Students promotes academic understanding of the Middle East. Throughout the year, MESAS organizes a series of lectures, seminars, Timp Lodge Social, a fireside, Arabic tutoring, and other activities to involve students in developing a deeper understanding of the Middle East. MESA students are strongly encouraged to participate in MESAS, and volunteers are always welcome to assist with events. For more information see the MESAS home page.

Model Arab League

Through participation in BYU’s Model Arab League (MAL) program students learn about the politics and history of the Arab world, and the arts of diplomacy and public speech. MAL helps prepare students to be knowledgeable, well-trained, and effective citizens as well as civic and public affairs leaders. Rather than a club, this program is offered as a variable credit (0.5-3.0) class: IAS 354R – Model Arab League Preparation. Meeting once a week, you’ll work with fellow students to prepare to act as delegates in several competitions throughout the semester, culminating in a paid trip to Washington D.C for Nationals.

To learn more, contact Professor Joshua Gubler:

See the Model Arab League home page.


Al-Buhuuth is Brigham Young University’s Middle Eastern Studies undergraduate publication. We are a student run and peer edited organization to provide an opportunity for undergraduates to publish their papers concerning Middle Eastern topics. These papers include capstone papers from graduating seniors and smaller research papers on many topics. This publication is bi-annual and is published once in the Fall semester and once in the Winter semester.

If you are interested, in reading the journal or submitting something for publication, please see the journal homepage.


Recent experience has proven that Middle East Studies/Arabic majors and minors who have completed internships fare significantly better when applying for jobs or graduate school. The gold standard is spending a semester or summer interning in the Middle East.

If finances or life circumstances make it impossible to leave Provo, you can still have an outstanding internship experience through local providers. Visit the Internships page for more information.

Click here to view a current list of internship and volunteer opportunities.

Experiential Learning

Every year, we receive funds from BYU to support students in the major and minor in experiential learning opportunities (which can fund the major’s Arabic Study Abroad program, internships, other study/research opportunities, etc.). The program coordinator sends an email inviting applications for this funding in February or March and awards the bulk of experiential learning funds at that time. However, MESA majors and minors can submit applications for this funding later in the year as well.

To apply for this funding, please complete an application at the following link: Be prepared to provide the following information:

  1. Name and Major/Minor(s) 
  2. Anticipated graduation date
  3. Details on Experiential Learning event (Internship, study abroad program, etc.) and dates of participation
  4. Projected total costs of participating in the internship or study abroad program
  5. Financial benefits provided by the internship or program (housing, travel, stipend, etc.)
  6. Financial aid and/or scholarship money you have received, or anticipate receiving, to defray your internship or study abroad program costs
  7. A one paragraph statement of financial need (including anticipated contribution from savings, parental contribution, and other contributions to defray costs)
  8. Current university GPA
  9. Work or activities outside of class associated with the MESA program

See the Experiential Learning page.


To connect with a mentor, contact the faculty coordinator, Josh Gubler.

How do I declare a major/minor in Middle East Studies/Arabic?

To declare this major, follow these steps, and to declare this minor, follow these steps. For additional information, please visit Kennedy Center Advisement, visit us in 273 HRCB, call (801) 422-3548, or email