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Middle East Studies/Arabic Coordinator

Joshua Gubler

Associate Professor
Political Science

764 KMBL and 203 HRCB
(801) 422-2829

Affiliated Faculty

R. Kirk Belnap

Asian and Near Eastern Languages

3064B JFSB
(801) 422-6531

Kevin Blankinship

Assistant Professor
Asian and Near Eastern Languages

3058 JFSB

Cynthia Finlayson

Associate Professor

864 KMBL
(801) 422-5628

Trevan Hatch

Associate Librarian
Ancient Near Eastern Studies
Middle East Studies/Arabic

2247 HBLL
(801) 422-6118

Christine Isom-Verhaaren

Assistant Professor

2146 JFSB
(801) 422-7683

David Johnson

Associate Professor

892 KMBL
(801) 422-2965

Ahmad Karout

Arabic Flagship Program

3122C JKB
(801) 422-4473

Jim Kearl

BYU Jerusalem Center

2103 WVB
(801) 422-5812

Quinn Mecham

Associate Director
Kennedy Center

237 HRCB
(801) 422-5317

David Romney

Assistant Professor
Political Science

734 KMBL
(801) 422-0364

Spencer Scoville

Associate Professor
Asian and Near Eastern Languages

3061 JFSB
(801) 422-5271


MESA faculty meet each year as a whole to oversee the major and to assess needed changes to the major and minor. This group helped draft the founding documents for the major in 2003 and have devoted effort to offering our students an excellent experience since. MESA faculty consistently have made changes to the major curriculum to tighten the major sequence, add required classes to strengthen the focus on writing and research, and refine the Arabic language program.