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Career Opportunities

Excellent career opportunities exist for those who prepare well in Latin American Studies. The degree offers a broad, general background in the liberal arts, and graduates are well prepared for careers in government, private industry, nonprofit organizations, some domestic and foreign teaching opportunities, the Peace Corps, the military, and other professions in which an understanding and appreciation of Latin America are required. Many graduates go into law, medicine, business, journalism, editing, advertising, etc. Others have had success in government, such as working for the State Department, immigration, the FBI, and other agencies.

Students are encouraged to take a double major or at least a strong minor in a single academic discipline to enhance their career objectives. The combination of another discipline and Latin American Studies makes the student attractive to employers desiring specific job skills as well as cultural understanding and appreciation.

Internships and Study Abroad

Recent experience has proven that Latin American Studies majors and minors who have completed internships fare significantly better when applying for jobs or graduate school. The gold standard is spending a semester or summer interning in Latin America.

If finances or life circumstances make it impossible to leave Provo, you can still have an outstanding internship experience through local providers. Visit the Internships page for more information.

Lectures and Events

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Clubs and Honor Societies

Student Association for Latin American Studies (SALAS), Model United Nations, International Society, foreign language clubs, choirs, and honor societies. See the clubs page.