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How can I support current LAS majors?


We are strengthening our LAS major by forging stronger connections with our alumni. If you are interested, you can join LAS graduates such as Ryan Newell (product manager at Oyster in Barcelona), Marissa Bernards (Mountain American Credit Union in Lehi), and Nate Livingstone (contractor in Provo/Orem), in helping with our alumni activities. If you are willing to help our current students periodically (perhaps exchange a few emails or phone calls, or other mentoring activities), please email me at Of course, before we connect you with a student, you will always be asked if you have the time or inclination to make that connection at that given moment. We thank you for helping get our alumni more connected to our current students.


The LAS program can raise money to help students. If you feel so inclined, we would love to get a donation from you. Those funds would help students do their internships, study abroad programs, and/or research trips to Latin America and in other approved LAS activities. Even though BYU has significant financial help for these students, many are still unable to take advantage of opportunities to travel abroad for key learning experiences. If you would like to donate to help such students, please contact Jeff Shumway, the Latin American Studies faculty coordinator (