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Career Opportunities

This major gives students a strong liberal arts education along with useful technical skills. International relations majors will learn analytical concepts and ideas that allow them to organize, explain, and make sense of relations between states and comparisons among them. High proficiency in math and statistics, writing, and a foreign language will prepare students for a wide variety of career paths—including, but not limited to, government, law, business, and international organizations. Many career paths will require graduate-level training. Therefore, the degree should be seen as certifying fluency in the ideas and methods of multiple fields so that students can find and pursue their own specialized interests rather than as a terminal degree. To see what clubs, internships, and international experiences IR majors have done in the past, see data about IR majors.

Internships and International Experiences

IR majors do many types of internships, and these internships are most useful if they are in a company or an organization that you intend to work for, or in a field in which you are interested in working. For strategies to find internships, see item 6 on the course substitutions and internships page. To see what internships IR majors do, see the internships and international experiences page. See more about funding for internships and international experiences.

Clubs and Honor Societies

Sigma Iota Rho (SIR) is the honor society for the IR major. There are various other clubs that might be of interest to some IR majors. Please see the clubs page.

Math Refresher Course

Haven’t taken calculus in a few years? Need to refresh your memory? Take the free math refresher course! A schedule outlines the subjects taught on specific days—feel free to go to those you feel you need to catch up on!

Register for the Compact Math Refresher Course on the web site.

The Math Refresher Course is a zero-credit-hour class. Every student enrolled for this class will receive a passing grade (P). Although this course is offered under the College of Engineering and Technology, it is open to all majors at BYU.