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International Relations

About International Relations

The International Relations major is for students who want to learn about foreign countries and relations between them. It is basically 2/3 of a Political Science major and 2/3 of an Economics major, plus a minor in a foreign language and elective options in History and Geography. It is a demanding major that requires students to master the core skills of Political Science and Economics.

Key skills developed by IR majors include:

  • Critical reading (especially in Political Science courses)
  • Analytical thinking (in both Economics and Political Science)
  • Statistical analysis (both majors)
  • Excellent writing (especially in Political Science)
  • Foreign language competency and cultural awareness

Students with all those skills are in high demand by employers and graduate programs. Employers especially value IR students because they have a diverse skill set and the ability to succeed immediately in an international setting. International Relations majors find jobs in:

  • Government
  • Law
  • International Business
  • Development Organizations
  • International Organizations

Because International Relations requires mastery of a diverse skill set, it is not for everyone. Other valuable international majors at BYU include Political Science, Economics, Geography, History, foreign languages, Asian Studies, Latin American Studies, European Studies, and Middle East Studies-Arabic.

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