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Career Opportunities

Careers in American Studies

BYU’s American Studies major is unmatched in offering students a broad view of the many
facets of the United States, ranging from history and literature, to law and business, to music and art. Whatever students may choose to pursue upon graduation, this broad education in American cultures, politics, systems, and institutions will enrich their lives in ways that far exceed the question of a career. American studies is much more than a path toward a career.

However, BYU’s American Studies Program is also deeply committed to helping students
prepare for careers after graduation. Each American Studies major receives credit toward their major for either completing a career-oriented minor or a 3-credit hour career-oriented internship (see Requirement 4). Students may also count up to 3 credit hours of career-oriented internship credit toward completion of their American Studies electives (see Requirement 3). This means that before graduation, each student will have engaged in meaningful and useful experiences specifically tailored toward their own career goals.

Upon graduation, students often enter the workforce in fields related to their internships or
minors, with placements ranging from history teaching to international finance, from the tech sector to the military, from editing to university advisement, from museum curatorship to politics, and from nonprofits to many other career opportunities. Some American Studies majors also choose to continue their education at the graduate level. Majoring in American Studies can be excellent preparation for entering law school, medical school, business school, and master’s and PhD programs in American literature, history, and political science.

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