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Academic Program

Program Overview

A degree in American Studies lets you express your curiosity about the world without limiting yourself to just one method or perspective, pushing you to come up with creative answers to the questions about which you are most passionate. You get to take courses from outstanding professors all over campus: Sociology, Theater & Media Arts, History, Dance, Public Health, English, Political Science, Comparative Arts & Letters, Religious Education, Communications, Family Life, Global Women’s Studies, Music, Education, Anthropology, Business, and others. As you chart a unique path through the major, selecting core and elective courses from a wide variety of disciplines, you will learn to develop innovative approaches to complex problems, a skill that you will use in both your professional and personal life as you move beyond BYU.

Where can I learn more about majoring in American Studies?

Interested students can direct their questions about the American Studies program to its faculty coordinator, Dr. Jamin Rowan.

How do I declare a major in American Studies?

To declare an American Studies major, please contact Kennedy Center Advisement in person (273 HRCB), by email (, or by phone (801-422-3548).

What are the major's Requirements?

See the BA in American Studies page in the BYU Undergraduate Catalog.

What knowledge and skills may I expect to gain as an American Studies major?

The American Studies program’s Learning Outcomes focus on helping you learn how to:

  • Work independently by creating a course of study that aligns with your personal interests
  • Learn the methods and subject matter central to the field of American Studies and other disciplines
  • Analyze and find meaning in a variety of texts, data sets, institutions, performances, and historical contexts
  • Communicate your sophisticated understanding of complex ideas and issues in clear and persuasive ways to others.