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American Studies

About American Studies

American Studies is the ideal program for students who are interested in exploring what America means from multiple perspectives. In navigating the complex meanings of the United States, its diverse communities, and its relationship to the rest of the world, you will learn to find connections and forge conversations across disciplinary boundaries as well as to listen to those whose American experience may be quite different from your own. You will learn to situate the lives of people who live in or who interact with the United States within broader social, cultural, political, economic, and geographic contexts, enabling you to see more clearly how these contexts shape people’s identities and their relationships with each other.

While you get to take stimulating courses on topics ranging from “Growing Up Female in America” and “Bob Dylan & Literature” to “Sociology of Race & Ethnicity” and “American Judicial Politics,” the American Studies experience is not limited to your coursework—it also includes a robust schedule of social events, engaging speakers, and excursions to local sites such as the Spiral Jetty and the Topaz Internment Camp Museum. By participating in the program’s exciting curricular and extracurricular opportunities, you will build friendships with some of the university’s most interesting professors as well as with fellow students who, like you, are curious and courageous enough to pursue an unconventional, interdisciplinary path through BYU.

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Jamin Rowan
Faculty Coordinator

Associate Professor of English
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