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Scandinavian Studies

About Scandinavian Studies

Scandinavian Studies is one of the newest programs at the Kennedy Center. Formerly part of the College of Humanities, Scandinavian Studies has joined the Kennedy Center in an effort to expand its offerings to a more diverse student population and to partner with the area studies program offerings in the center. As far back as the vikings, Scandinavia has been a significant and important presence in international affairs (Bluetooth technology, as just one example, is named after the Danish viking king Harald Bluetooth). Scandinavia has also had a significant cultural influence with its many contributions to literature, music, design, architecture, philosophy, etc. Emigration to the U.S., especially in the 19th century, has meant too a significant Scandinavian influence in the States. Today, Scandinavia has become a go to region to learn more about innovative green technologies, sustainability projects, gender equality, trust studies, and progressive social programs that are the envy of the world. And with all of the Nordic countries located in the top 10 of the world’s happiest countries, Scandinavia has a lot to offer in terms of academic study and interest.

Students will benefit from close association with like-minded students in other area studies programs offered in the Kennedy Center as well as various events, activities, and resources unique to the center. The Scandinavian Studies minor offers a number of exciting courses, primarily in the humanities and social sciences. Among these are courses on Nordic happiness, Danish design, Hans Christian Andersen, Scandinavian film, the vikings, Søren Kierkegaard, and environmental studies. Students can also pursue exciting internship opportunities, study abroads, stimulating guest lecturers, the Scandinavian club, and Scandinavian choir. And if you’re interested in learning a Scandinavian language we offer that too!

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Nate Kramer
Faculty Coordinator

Associate Professor of Comparative Arts and Letters
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