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Apply to be a Faculty Affiliate

What are Faculty Affiliates?

Membership as a European Studies faculty affiliate is open to all BYU faculty members whose teaching, research, and/or service activities relate to Europe.

European Studies aims to foster a supportive environment for faculty and to provide a network in which faculty members can share, mentor, and collaborate on research related to Europe. The European Studies program frequently sponsors visiting scholars, lectures, receptions, and events such as Café Europa, as well as other related activities. These occasions provide faculty interdisciplinary contacts and connections, improve research opportunities, and foster the development of the study of Europe at BYU. Furthermore, the Kennedy Center provides potential funding to its affiliates for research and conference travel.

One of the most important contributions a European Studies faculty affiliate can make is to serve as a mentor to the program’s majors and minors, providing professional guidance, sharing internship opportunities, and advising on capstone projects. Affiliates may be asked to guest lecture in EUROP 200, the Introduction to European Studies course. That said, an affiliate’s participation in such activities is strictly voluntary.

While the primary responsibility of the European Studies program’s governance is the responsibility of its executive committee, which is comprised of ten–twelve members representing various disciplines, affiliates are invited to contribute to shaping the program. Questions, concerns, and suggestions may be shared at the annual meeting held during University Conference, as well as by contacting the faculty coordinator or member of the executive committee.

Faculty Affiliate Application

Faculty interested in being an affiliate should fill out this form. The European Studies program assistant will then generate an entry on the Kennedy Center’s European Studies faculty affiliate program web page and add you to receive our weekly newsletter.

See full the Affiliated Faculty list here.