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Academic Program

The European Studies Major

Each semester European Studies majors and minors can choose from over 100 courses taught by the roughly 150 BYU faculty members with expertise in European subjects. Students also have the option of fulfilling several requirements through Independent Study courses.

Interested students should meet with either the European Studies faculty coordinator, Professor Heather Belnap (208 HRCB or or one of the counselors at the Kennedy Center Advisement Center (273 HRCB).

Go to the Kennedy Center Advisement Center (273 HRCB), where the secretaries will assist you. Seniors must meet with an academic advisor before approval to switch to the major will be granted.

See the BA in European Studies page in the BYU Undergraduate Catalog and course options (PDF).

See the Expected Learning Outcomes for the European Studies major and Senior Seminars (PDF).

Click here for the Major Academic Map.

The European Studies Minor

The European Studies minor allows students who have completed a mission, internship, or study abroad in Europe—or simply have a love for Europe’s people and cultures—to expand their knowledge of the continent and receive a formal credential signaling their international expertise. Requiring only 15 hours beyond the GE language requirement, a minor in European Studies is a perfect way to complement a degree in just about any field.

See the Minor in European Studies page for more information.