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Student Symposium

Asian Studies Student Symposium

The Asian Studies program at BYU invites students to present their Asia-related work at our annual Asian Studies Student Symposium in November. We welcome presentations about any topic related to Asian politics, history, religion, philosophy, art, language, literature, media studies, popular culture, etc. We also invite proposals for creative work–stories, adaptations, artwork, photography, short films and media–about or inspired by Asia. Presentations may be based on a project created for a class or one developed for the symposium. Awards will be given to top presenters.

Benefits of presenting at the Asian Studies Student Symposium:

  • Network with others studying Asia on campus
  • Learn more about Asia
  • Hone your presentation skills
  • Have the opportunity to publish your work in Rice Papers
  • Build your resume
  • Win prizes!

The 2023 Asian Studies Student Symposium will be held on Saturday, November 4th, 2023. To submit a proposal, please fill out this survey.