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Asian Studies Student Symposium Awards

2022 Symposium Awards

Kiner Kwok, “The Second Failed British Mission to China”
Natasha Wang, “Asian American Identity and Museum Collections”
Jackson Keys, “The Many Vows of Feng Menglong: An Intersection of Chastity and Qing”
Josh Eyre, “The Makioka Sisters, and the Failures of Literary Censorship in WWII Japan"
Madison Buckles, “Sound Symbolism in Japanese”
Lindy Miller, “Dowry and It's Repercussions in Indian Society”
William Ranse Gale, “Ping Pong and Self-Actualization”
Natalie Lyman, “How the West is Represented in Modern Fictional Chinese Dramas”
Brayden Lane, “Creating a Japanese Christianity: Allessandro Valignano, Indigenization, and the Hidden Christians"
William Martindale, "Contemporary Conspiracy Theories in China: A Review”