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Academic Program

The Africana Studies Minor

What are the minor’s requirements?

The Africana Studies minor is an 18-credit-hour program that includes an introductory course and a variety of elective courses from various disciplines such as history, anthropology, literature, education and leadership, political science, and sociology. Students may also take African language courses and participate in study abroad and internship programs.

For the minor requirements and course descriptions see the Africana Studies minor requirements in the BYU Course Catalog.

Where can I learn more about minoring in Africana Studies?

Interested students should meet with either the Africana Studies faculty coordinator, Leslie Hadfield or one of the counselors at the Kennedy Center Advisement Center (273 HRCB).

How do I declare a minor in Africana Studies?

Contact the advisement center for your major to learn the steps to add this minor. The Africana Studies minor does not require a minor clearance form or any approval from the Kennedy Center.