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2022 Asian Studies Student Symposium

November 11, 2022

2:00 pm

Opening Remarks: Education in Zion Auditorium (B192 JFSB)

2:10-3:30 pm

Session 1

A. The Age of Imperialism (JFSB B106)

Moderator: Professor Kirk Larsen

  • Kiner Kwok, “The Second Failed British Mission to China”
  • Zach Eliason, “Srinivasa Ramanujan: Prodigy of Dual Cultures”
  • Abraham Qian, “The Philippine-American War: Independence and Imperialism”

B. The Aesthetics of Ritual & Politics (JFSB B062)

Moderator: Kassie Schreiber

  • Colette Burton, “Buddhist Ritual & Dynamic Phenomenology in Mogao Cave 254” 
  • Natasha Wang, “Asian American Identity and Museum Collections” 
  • Avery Morgan, “Best Served Cold: Tea as Satire in Kamakura Japan” 

C. Premodern History (JFSB B094)

Moderator: Professor Jon Felt

  • Jackson Keys, “The Many Vows of Feng Menglong: An Intersection of Chastity and Qing”
  • Julie Larsen, “Firemen of The Edo Period” 
  • Jade Simmons, “From End to End: A Brief Analysis of the Influence of Sasanian Persia on Ancient Japan”
  • Michael Lambert, “Memorial on Land Reform in Han China”

D. Japan’s Century (JFSB B032)

Moderator: Professor Aaron Skabelund

  • Jakob Empey, “Commodore Perry and the End of Japanese Isolationism”
  • Garrett Smith, “Advancing and Retreating: An Analysis of the Russo-Japanese War”
  • Josh Eyre, “The Makioka Sisters, and the Failures of Literary Censorship in WWII Japan"

E. Linguistics, Translation, & Creative Writing (JFSB B150)

Moderator: Professor Shinsuke Tsuchiya

  • Sydney Christley, “Semantic Prosody in Highly Proficient Korean-English Bilinguals: A Sociolinguistic Approach”
  • Madison Buckles, “Sound Symbolism in Japanese”
  • Jaden Lee, “俺たち六人 The Six of Us”
  • Lindy Miller, “Joy to the World in Hindi”
  • Angela Larson, "Korea Travelogue"

3:40-5:00 pm

Session 2

A. Modern Cultural History (JFSB B032)

Moderator: Professor Aaron Skabelund

  • Sarah McCuen,  “A Happy Accident: Advancements in Japanese Women’s Rights and Education from 1870-1950”
  • Kathryn Blau, “From Colonization to Occupation and Beyond: The Historical Development of Identity in the Ryukyu Islands”
  • Madeline Arvantis, “The Japanese Mafia and How Japan Deals with Crime” 
  • Lindy Miller, “Dowry and It's Repercussions in Indian Society”

B. Film & Media (JFSB B062)

Moderator: Professor Marc Yamada

  • Jessi Ivie, “Metafictional Identity in Funeral Parade of Roses
  • Kassie Schreiber, “Feminine Representation in Netflix's Followers” 
  • Jordan Long, "Kind of Night: Ecological Thoughts on Masaaki Yuasa's Night is Short, Walk on Girl"
  • William Ranse Gale, “Ping Pong and Self-Actualization”

C. Modern Literature & Film (JFSB B094)

Moderator: Merry Riddle

  • Brady Turpin, “Urban Futures in Hao Jingfang's Folding Beijing
  • Natalie Lyman, “How the West is Represented in Modern Fictional Chinese Dramas”
  • Ansley Morris, “The Devil’s in the Details: How Rushdie’s Satanic Verses Exemplifies the Western Notion of Free Speech”  
  • Brooklynn Cardenas, “A Comparison of Hollywood and Bollywood's Portrayal of Poverty”

D. Church & State (JFSB B106)

Moderator: Professor Richard McBride

  • Eli Cindrich, “Church and State: Russian Orthodox Missionaries Under the Qing Dynasty”
  • Rebecca Erickson, “Conquering Everest in a Post-Imperial World”
  • Brayden Lane, “Creating a Japanese Christianity: Alessandro Valignano, Indigenization, and the Hidden Christians”
  • Noah Wood, “Poetic Responses to Fiction and Spiritual Escapism Among Qing Literati”

E. Asian History (JFSB B150)

Moderator: Professor Eric Hyer

  • Jared Green, “In the Shadow of the Colossus: The Successors of Mao Zedong”
  • William Martindale, "Contemporary Conspiracy Theories in China: A Review”
  • Nathan Hanna, “The Central Role of the Yangban Aristocracy in the Chŏson Dynasty”
  • Jordan Castillo, “Go for Broke: Second-Generation Japanese-Americans in WWII"

5:00 pm

Closing Remarks and Awards: Education in Zion Auditorium (B192 JFSB)

Reception (B003 JFSB)