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Photo of a coal-fired power plant in central Utah

True False Hot Cold: Climate Change in Rural Utah

Thursday, November 30
4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
3714 HBLL

“True False Hot Cold” is an award-winning documentary series exploring how to build a more cohesive society, through the lens of climate opinions. Filmed over 3 months in the county in Utah with some of the least belief in climate change in the USA, each short episode discusses a new topic, from religion to the coal and cattle industries to belief formation and more. Instead of focusing on divisions, the series uses candid interviews with local residents and intimate slice-of-life vignettes to offer ideas about how to build bridges between people who have very different identities and beliefs. During the event, episode screenings will be punctuated with open conversation with the filmmaker, Ben Stillerman, the audience, and respondent Alisha Anderson, environmental artist at BYU.

Sponsored by the Global Environmental Studies program.

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