ISP Appeals

Welcome to the ISP Appeals page, where you may appeal decisions such as requesting a refund. The ISP Appeals Committee will review and consider your request.

Through the ISP Appeals process, ISP students may request consideration for use of sacred funds that originate from emergency tithing funds or student fees to cover expenses for extraordinary circumstances. The ISP Appeals process helps ISP administrators make responsible and fair decisions regarding these funds, which are distributed as widely as possible, reaching students in most need first. In some cases, appeals may be funded in full, in others, partial refunds may be granted, depending on the nature of the appeal, how much emergency funding ISP has, and how many students are requesting the funds.

To make an appeal, please write an e-mail describing your situation and detailing why you believe you qualify for refund money from ISP. Send to The ISP Appeals Committee will review your request in a timely manner. Although each request will be considered carefully, requests are not always granted.

Thank you for your patience in the appeals process. It is a thoughtful process determining how sacred funds are distributed, looking at each individual situation, and considering student need.