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All BYU programs that grant students academic credit for studying abroad are required to work through International Study Programs (ISP). By doing so, faculty who lead these programs will have access to the security, liability, health, and logistical expertise of ISP. They will also have access to the university’s full range of legal and risk management services while the program is in process. Students on these programs also have access to support services offered by ISP and may compete for ISP scholarships.

We have compiled the information on the left menu to answer the most commonly asked questions regarding ISP services and BYU policies for international study (see Handbook on left menu for an in-depth discussion)

BYU-sponsored international travel by students that does not offer academic credit (such as travel to international conferences, ORCA grants, etc.), is not administered through ISP, but students are required to register their travel on the BYU International Travel Registry. This registry makes it possible for BYU to provide support to BYU students abroad in the case of emergencies.

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