ISP Cancellation Policy

How to Cancel

If you have been officially accepted to a BYU international study program and decide to cancel, you must give formal notification to ISP by filling out and submitting the online cancellation form found with the application. No other method of cancellation will be accepted.


Program Charges and Cancellation Fees

By applying to a BYU international study program, you agree to accept the terms of this payment and cancellation policy:

  • Exceptions to this policy will not be granted in the case of life choices such as choosing to serve a mission or to get married.
  • The application fee is nonrefundable (unless the program is cancelled by ISP) and is not calculated as part of the program cost.
  • The first, nonrefundable payment of $500 for a term program or $1000 for a semester program is due upon acceptance.
  • The second payment of either $1,000 (term program) or $2,000 (semester program) is due on the second payment date, and $500 of this payment is nonrefundable after this date.
  • The third payment is the balance of the program cost minus the tuition charge. NOTE: If you cancel after the third payment deadline but before the start of the program, you will be charged the nonrefundable portions of the first two payments described above, plus 25 percent of the third payment as a cancellation fee.
  • The final (fourth) payment is the tuition charge. This amount will be charged after you register for your program courses and must be paid before the beginning of the program. The price of your program includes the undergraduate tuition amount for members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints(the “Church”). If you are a graduate student or a student who is not a member of the Church, you will be charged the additional cost of tuition corresponding with these groups.
  • No program fees will be refunded to you if you cancel after the start of the program.

If you have further questions please contact BYU International Study Programs, 101 HRCB,