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Brussels: European Government and Society

Winter: January–April 2023
Spring–Summer: May–July 2023
Fall: September–November 2023

Application Deadline: 3 months before desired internship period

Beautiful Brussels has become the crossroads of politics, culture, and society. Following World War II, Brussels evolved from its humble origins as a market town into the de facto political capital of Europe, while managing to retain its historic charm and character. BYU is offering students an opportunity to experience Brussels’ rich culture while participating in work at the EU or EU-affiliated think tanks, lobbying groups, and charitable organizations.

Students will be able to develop the professional skills most valued by future employers such as researching and writing on current affairs, organizing events for stakeholders, and learning how governmental policy is shaped in the EU. Brussels interns will also emerge with a heightened appreciation for European culture and current affairs, credits toward their major or minor, and tangible field experience to present to future employers and/or graduate schools. All internships are English-speaking.

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Heather Belnap
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Frequently Asked Questions
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More Information

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Participants may take between 6 and 12 credits. Students must enroll in the following, which can be taken as a directed readings course with Professor Belnap, or through KU Leuven (fall), or the American University of Brussels (spring/summer).

EUROP 336R—The Social Sciences in a European Context
EUROP 337R—The Humanities in a European Context

Students must take at least 3 credit hours of IAS 399R or the equivalent 399R internship class from the student’s major. In order to secure College of Humanities funding, European Studies and HCOLL majors must take HCOLL 399R, along with HCOLL 396R, which should be completed during the second term of the semester prior to departure.

Students may not take any other courses on this program, including BYU Online courses, without approval by the program director and ISP.
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Interns pay BYU undergraduate full-time tuition to participate.

Includes Latter-day Saint undergraduate full tuition (increased cost for graduate and non–Latter-day Saint students), international health insurance, and academic supervision.

Total costs for the semester-long experience are roughly $7,400 (more for graduate and non–Latter-day Saint students), which is broken down as follows: cost of tuition, airfare to/from Brussels ($1,300), plus food, housing, and other living expenses (approximately $1,300/month).

Accompanying spouses who are not full program participants should consult with ISP about securing international health insurance, taking BYU courses for credit, and participating in security briefings and internship prep courses.
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Funding Sources

Although most Brussels internships are unpaid, various funding options can make the experience highly affordable.

Regular BYU tuition scholarships, Pell Grants, Federal Insured Student Loans, and Stafford Loans may be applied to study abroad programs.

Students who submit the financial aid section of the ISP application and who have a current FAFSA form on file at the Financial Aid Office (A-41 ASB) will be considered for a Study Abroad scholarship.

Academic departments and colleges may assist with scholarships and grants.

Those majoring in European studies or a College of Humanities program may qualify for internship funding up to $3,500.

Private grants and scholarships outside of BYU may also assist (see
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BYU welcomes students from any university to apply for participation in our study abroad programs. However, internships and direct enrollment programs are limited to BYU Provo students only. Additionally, priority is given to current BYU European Studies majors/minors or those with a major housed in the College of Humanities. Ideal applicants will be juniors and seniors with solid academic track records, strong research and writing skills, and demonstrable interest in contemporary European politics and society.

All participants are required to show proof of complete COVID-19 vaccination (including booster) at least two weeks prior to departure.

Students must meet all country- and program-specific COVID and health requirements for travel.
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Housing is solely the responsibility of each intern. For housing leads, students should consult previous BYU interns in Brussels, the BYU Brussels handbook, and online resources for short-term rentals in the area.
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Students are responsible for purchasing their own airfare to and from the program sites. Airline reservations must be made through BYU Travel. Students should contact a BYU Travel agent.

BYU Travel
280 HRCB
(801) 422-6293
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Application Process

Priority will be given to students who were accepted during 2020 but could not participate because of COVID-19.

Internship Providers
Potential applicants may either find an internship on their own or work with the program coordinators to apply to one of the following offices having an existing relationship with BYU:

Bruegel is one of the top economic policy think tanks in the world. Applicants must have strong training and interest in economics, which usually means extensive course work in international relations or economics.

The European Social Observatory (OSE) is a research center that publishes and advises governmental agencies on social and economic policy Europe. Applicants must know European society well and excel in research and writing.

The LDS Government Relations: EU Office represents the Church’s interests in the EU and advocates for such issues as religious tolerance and freedom of worship. Interns must have strong interpersonal and writing skills. EU citizens are particularly desired.

New Direction: The Foundation for European Reform, and ACRE: Alliance of Conservatives and Reformists in Europe are two similarly oriented think tanks who seek interns with strong skills and interest in political research and communications.

Students must be 18 years of age or older. Interested students should first meet with Professor Heather Belnap, European Studies coordinator (, who vets potential interns and recommends qualified students to providers.

Internships are only official once the sponsoring office issues a formal offer, and so students should not plan travel or housing before that time. Once an offer has been extended students must complete the online ISP application, pay a $35 processing fee at, and begin working with program facilitator Brianne Landeen ( for course enrollment and other program arrangements.

Complete the online application here. A nonrefundable $35 application fee is required; applicants will be interviewed once the application is complete.

Students will be notified via e-mail of their acceptance into the program. The first payment is due upon acceptance; please refer to the Payment Information document.

Application Deadline: 3 months before desired internship period
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Program Adjustments

International Study Programs (ISP) reserves the right to cancel this program, revise its offerings, or make any adjustments to the preliminary cost.

If it becomes necessary for ISP to cancel a program, all program payments made to BYU ISP will be refunded to the student’s BYU Financial account.

ISP is the only office authorized to cancel any of its programs.
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Heather Belnap
3051 JFSB
(801) 422-8242
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Contact Us

International Study Programs
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ISP Student Handbook

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Payment Schedule

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