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Pilgrims and a trailer marker along the Camino de Santiago

Café Europa: Making Pilgrimage in Europe, Past and Present

Wednesday, February 01
4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
238 HRCB

For centuries, people have traveled to places they deem sacred. While pilgrimages in Europe are most often associated with Christian devotees following well-worn paths to a holy site, aficionados of famous authors, artists, and other kinds of celebrities have co-opted this ritual, paying visits to their homes, burial grounds, and other spaces viewed as special, at the very least, if not exactly holy. Join us as we hear faculty—all of whom have conducted such journeys—discuss both the history of European pilgrimages and its contemporary practice.

Panelists: Anna-Lisa Halling (Portuguese), Lin Sherman (Spanish), Paul Westover (English), and Elliott Wise (Art History).

Sponsored by the European Studies program.

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