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CIA Student Opportunities

CIA Student Opportunities

Are you looking for an exciting and challenging internship or cooperative education (co-op) experience? Consider employment with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) as an undergraduate or graduate student. CIA offers opportunities for students to work in summer, fall, winter, and spring—timing is everything.

CIA offers employment for students throughout the year, not just during the summer. Although a deadline might be posted, you can submit your application at any time of year, except if you are applying for the DO internship or our scholarship programs. General internship, co-op and graduate studies opportunities for summer 2019 will close 31 July 2018. It is essential to submit your application at least twelve months before your desired start date, because, if you get an employment offer, we will need time to process your security clearance. To figure out what this means for you and when to apply, see the web site.

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