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Taiwan-America Student Conference

Taiwan-America Student Conference

Early application deadline: 31 January (no fee); $10 fee until 28 February; $20 fee until 16 March
Program dates: 14 July–4 August

Taiwan America Student Conference (TASC) is a unique student-run program that brings together thirty outstanding university students of a variety of fields from across Taiwan and the U.S. for a three-week intensive leadership conference in Taiwan, aiming to develop strong connections between students of Taiwan and the U.S. in order to promote mutual concern and understanding across cultural and national boundaries.

During this program, delegates will travel around Taiwan and engage in a variety of activities aimed at fulfilling these goals, including the following:

—Excursions to important cultural and historical locations
—Lectures and networking opportunities with prominent figures from a variety of fields such as professors, entrepreneurs, politicians, and more
—Roundtable groups, composed of eight students (4 from the U.S., 4 from Taiwan), and a final forum aimed at facilitating dialogue and increasing students’ understanding of a particular subject of interest to them.

These activities and much more will help the students involved to learn more about the respective countries, gain international and practical experience, develop strong friendships, and join a lasting community between participants, all of which will help students to grow professionally, academically, and personally, and make TASC an altogether unique, fun, and life-changing experience.

Undergraduate and graduate students and recent graduates of any major are welcome to apply. Be sure to check the web site for more info.

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