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New Life Challenge on Maternal Health

New Life Challenge on Maternal Health

Join the New Life Challenge and collaborate with a global community to design solutions that support the diverse challenges of all mothers, babies, and those who care for them. We want to build innovative solutions that support access to fair and quality healthcare for all mothers and babies, especially those disadvantaged due to livelihood, socioeconomic status or chronic disease.

“How might we reimagine the new life experience by addressing the diverse challenges of all mothers, babies, and those who care for them?”

Now through 24 September we’ll begin accepting ideas that answer the Challenge question above. #NewLife

This open innovation challenge enables people worldwide to use IDEO’s design thinking methodology to collaboratively develop, share, and refine solutions. Then, after a period of feedback and refinement for a shortlisted set of those ideas, our challenge partners, Sutter Health and UCB, will select and support a number of Top Ideas via $1–5k micro-grants and in person advising/design support alongside the innovation teams at both partnering organizations. Submissions can range from the seed of an innovation from an individual, to established ideas that providers or nonprofits are already testing in the field. All are welcome!

Whether a mother yourself, part of a new family, a healthcare provider, academic or community member, lack of quality health care and support for new, future, or expecting mothers is a global problem that influences all of us. If joining this challenge is of interest to you:

  1. Read the Challenge Brief and sign up to receive e-mail notifications about the challenge.
  2. Submit your idea.

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