Brigham Young University
On-Campus Internships

On-Campus Internships

What if you could find an internship in your desired field of employment where you could share time during the week being an unpaid intern part-time and attending classes the rest of the time. That has a number of advantages, because you could gain relevant work experience without leaving town or quitting your part-time paid employment. This could give you experience on your resume and provide relevant work experiences to discuss in job interviews.

We currently have enough projects for over 1,000 students, so we need more students. You may continue to submit applications until the add/drop deadline, but the projects will be filling up during August, and there will be fewer available projects in September.

We will be hosting Information Sessions for On-Campus Internships on Wednesday, 6 September at noon and 4:00 p.m. in 447 TNRB.

Students may apply online at

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