Brigham Young University


Jordan Tanner
Retired FSO, former Utah State Representative, Utah House of Representatives

WED | 30 SEP 15
3–5 PM
238 HRCB

Do you want to be a foreign service officer?

FSO lifestyle and family issues—LDS perspectives
What it means to live abroad—today’s security risks

What does an FSO really do?

Career track opportunities in the Foreign Service and what a political, economic, management, public diplomacy, or consular section officer does.
Opportunities to work abroad as a State Department specialist or with the FBI, CIA, AID, or FCS.

Getting into the Foreign Service Q&A session

Q & A session on written, essay, and oral assessment exams and other requirements for becoming an FSO. FSSO students who have recently taken the exams will discuss their experiences with the exam process.

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