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BYU Innovation Academy

BYU Innovation Academy

Application deadline: Friday, 14 September  at 5:00 p.m. MST

The BYU Innovation Academy is now accepting applications for its Innovation Center (InnoCenter) for fall semester. Think of the InnoCenter as a mix of an incubator, a design studio, a training camp, a consulting shop, and the most fun, creative “kids” on campus.

Do you want to learn how to come up with great ideas and work along with the top students, faculty, and organizations supporting innovation on campus? Are you interested in learning how to apply design thinking and lean innovation to either your or others’ ideas? Or maybe you already have an idea you wanted to build and follow through?

Then apply to the InnoCenter. Enrollment is limited to fifty students.

The InnoCenter will meet weekly and will provide mentorship from top faculty and innovators in the area, speakers, $5,000 in funding, access to resources on campus, the opportunity to work with passionate students across campus, consulting opportunities with CEOs of local companies, and coming soon even exclusive access to a new IDEO course on innovation by Jeff Dyer and Clayton Christensen.

Learn more about BYU Innovation Academy or InnoCenter

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