Brigham Young University
Summer Internship CenCore LLC

Summer Internship CenCore LLC

Desired Qualifications:

Excellent analysis capabilities
Have either lived in the region or are currently involved in an area studies program relevant to the region2/2/2 in a language relevant to the region
Superb writing abilities, capable of producing concise, well-articulated pieces
Reliability is critical

$120 a month for summer, but there’s a possibility later on of a fall/winter internship.
Intern will be telecommuting; no relocation necessary. See web site

Application Process:

Submit a 2-page original analysis piece on the region for which you are applying to
Letter of Recommendation
Upon selection of analysis piece, a phone interview will be scheduled


Provide a daily roll-up of news relevant to the region. Sources will include news wire services, regional news services, and online media services from the region. A specified format will be provided.
Roll-up is to be provided daily by 0900 EDT.
Monday’s role-up should include relevant news from Saturday and Sunday


Provide a ‘deep-dive’ analysis on an issue or topic relevant to the region and  interested stakeholders (primarily commercial and government). Deep-dive will be no more than 2 pages, single-spaced. A specified format will be provided.
Deep Dive to be provided each Sunday, COB
After editing, Deep Dive will be published on Monday’s on the corporate website. Author will receive credit in the byline


Produce an in-depth ‘Special Report’ focused on a topic or trend agreed upon between the intern and the intern coordinator
Special Report shall not exceed 7 pages single-spaced, and will include both qualitative and quantitative analysis
Report to be provided 20 March, 20 June, 20 September, and 20 December
After editing, report will be published in CenCore’s quarterly trade publication

Geographical regions to be covered by an intern, one intern per region (total of 9):

South America
North Africa
Horn of Africa
Middle East
Southwest Asia
Southeast Asia
East Asia

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24 May 2012