Brigham Young University

Student Programs

Located in the Kennedy Center, Student Programs houses several innovative programs open to students from all majors, including Intercultural Outreach and Model United Nations.

Creating a Student Organization

The Kennedy Center sponsors a number of student organizations which represent academic, thematic, and professional student interests. Each group must have a faculty advisor and submit an accreditation application annually, including organizational information, objectives, and a detailed budget. Groups must demonstrate linkages to the academic mission of the Kennedy Center and not overlap currently approved groups.

Applications are reviewed monthly for either a term, semester, or longer time frame. Accreditation in one year does not ensure continued support; groups "compete" for Kennedy Center sponsorship among previously established and new proposals for limited resources. Successful student organizations have clear goals, significant impact that supports Kennedy Center objectives, and submit a year-end report of their accomplishments.

"A strong central purpose of the center will be to prepare students for responsible citizenship and constructive careers in areas of their personal interest. "
President Jeffrey R. Holland
Kennedy Center Inauguration
17 November 1983

Resources for Student Organizations

The Kennedy Center provides carrels, storage space, supplies, computer support, room scheduling, and print/web/pr support, as available. Approved organizations receive additional details as to how they can best use these resources in furthering their particular objectives.

Why Get Involved?

Students from all majors across campus will benefit from membership in and leadership of Kennedy Center Student Organizations. Groups provide an opportunity to develop social networks of like-minded peers across colleges that can last a lifetime. Students develop leadership, organizational management, budgeting, and other useful skills. Also, our student groups make a difference in many ways:

  • SID students practice principles of sustainable development as they award, direct, and manage small-scale projects around the world with the funds earned from the Hunger Banquet
  • SIR graduates are recognized nationally as one of the largest and most distinguished chapters of undergraduate students
  • FSSO has been noted by the Foreign Service Journal as the first university-based group of its kind promoting careers in the U.S. Foreign Service

And much more is to come—the only limitation being your imagination and plan. Make a difference while in Provo and expand your world . . . before graduation!