• Best in Show
    Brinnan Schill
    Tsev neeg (family)
    “Family” is a central part of Hmong culture. This baby’s mother was adopted when she was a newborn. Her husband recently passed away; my host family and others supported their favorite “sister” in raising her four children.
    Thailand and Myanmar Anthropology Field School/Development Internship, spr-sum 2017

  • Runner Up
    Ellie Vance
    A Visit to the Matryoshka Doll Factory in Semyonov, Russia
    This is where the first Russian nesting dolls were made, and this factory has been around for years. It was an incredible experience to see the amount of work and detail that goes into just one beautiful doll.
    Nizhny Novgorod, Russia Study Abroad, spr-sum 2017

  • Runner Up 

    Brinnan Schill

    Morning Procession

    Every day, over a thousand monks and young novices walk in a procession through the streets of Mandalay and patiently wait to receive their meals. In Theravada Buddhism, the predominant religion, sharing food with monks allows the locals to perform dhana and acquire “merit,” or positive karma.

    Thailand and Myanmar Anthropology Field School/Development Internship, spr-sum 2017

  • Runner Up
    Allyse Meanea

    Jökulsárlón (glacial river lagoon)

    Glacial was exactly what I pictured when I thought of Iceland. It was surreal to stand on the shore watching the massive chunks of beautiful blue ice float on the water. One of the giant pieces of ice flipped upside down in the water, causing waves to crash into the shore.

    Europe Recreation Management Study Abroad, spr-sum 2017

  • Runner Up
    Jake Peters
    L’étoile jaune dans l’obscurité (The Yellow Star in the Darkness)
    The museum details the development of events in Europe building up to World War II, life during the war, the events of D-Day, and the eventual victory against tyranny and hate. In reference to the dreaded yellow star, the author states that “we didn’t want to believe… and yet it has arrived”. Their incredulity at the arrival of evil and oppression is a steady reminder that all that it takes for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing.
    France​​ ​​​​Hmong Diaspora Field School, spring/summer 2016

  • Runner Up
    Kyle Riches
    The Potter’s Glow
    This picture was taken in the small artisan town of Pomaire, Chile. Surrounded by the natural clay hills, most of the residents in this town dedicate their time and talents in creating beautiful clay masterpieces ranging from pots, bowls, cups, and other figurines. This man in the image lived more on the outskirts of the town where he lived in nothing more than a mediocre shack. I walked in and saw the single strung light above his head as he was concentrated on crafting his clay bowl in his homemade workshop. This talent is what he depends on in order to make a living for himself and his family. All day long, he focuses on making these bowls to sell to the “souvenir stores” that are on the main street of the town where tourists are constantly passing by. I loved walking through this part of the town because this man taught me what real talent and dedication was and how even by starting with a little glob of mud, a masterpiece can be created just by the touch of a master’s hand.
    LDS Self-Reliance Program in Chile, winter 2016

  • Best in Show
    Parker Wilson
    Red Star Stream
    Just as the automobile has become an inseparable part of American life, so has the vast network of railways in the former USSR become a cornerstone of Russian living.
    Moscow Internship Program, fall 2015

  • Runner Up
    James Skidmore
    Pão na Pedra
    Among the many cities and festivals that are always going on we ended up in Ladoeiro, a small town in Eastern Portugal. It was almost time to go home and I came across this bread making duo. I stopped and watched them for a while, soaking in the beautiful simplicity of baking bread. Everything else drifted away as I stepped into the world of that little bread stand. I’d like to think they were a mother and daughter, working together, the mom with steady consistency and the daughter happily shaping the dough. I will never forget eating the freshly baked bread steaming in the night air as I enjoyed a glimpse into the life of this Portuguese family.
    Portugal Internship Program, spring/summer 2016

  • Best in Show
    Lana Strathearn
    Priestly Blessing
    Numbers 6:22–27—The blessing Aaron and his descendants gave to the Israelites. Jewish priests continue this practice at the Western Wall.
    Jerusalem Center, winter 2015

  • Runner Up
    Sarah Wight
    Tango in Venice
    At this weekly tango event in one of the squares, I danced with Italians who didn’t speak English and met other travelers—dance spans culture and language.
    European Art History and Photography, spring 2015

  • Runner Up
    Hannah Trimble
    Abuelo y Nieto (Grandfather and grandson)
    Grandfather and grandson patiently waited by the wood pile in the kitchen, as tortillas were cooked over the comal. The grandson decided to try on his grandfather’s hat.
    Mexico Rural Literacy Internship, spring/summer 2015

  • Runner Up
    Rebecca Devonas
    At Play
    A Jordanian boy saw I was taking a picture of the students after their camel ride through the red rock of Petra and playfully began climbing the necks of the camels to get in the photo.
    Jerusalem Center, spring/summer 2015

  • Honorable Mention
    Reyna McGhie
    At Dawn
    At the Western Wall in early morning, a devout Jewish man studies the Torah while others pray and worship.
    Jerusalem Center, winter 2015

  • Honorable Mention
    Lauren Steimle
    Preparation for an extremely fresh sea to table meal at a restaurant on the edge of the water in Oia, Santorini, Greece.
    European Art History and Photography, summer 2015

  • Honorable Mention
    Alyssa White
    A Legacy of Strength
    Mother and daughter embrace a new reality as Syrian refugees in a foreign land.
    Jordan Intensive Arabic, fall 2014

  • Honorable Mention
    Zoe Smith
    Alma Gemela, Madrid
    “Alma Gemela” translates to “twin soul.” I saw things in her that I hope to be: Powerful, yet calm. Determined and capable. Unafraid to be herself.
    Madrid Study Abroad, fall 2014

Photo Contest

The annual Kennedy Center Photo Contest invites compelling photographs from students who participated in BYU International Study Programs. Photos should capture the cultural essence of a global academic experience.


  • All entries must be photos taken while the participant was traveling or living abroad on a BYU International Study Program during fall 2017 or winter, spring, summer 2018.
  • Entries are limited to three (3) per person.
  • Images may not be digitally altered beyond standard optimization, such as cropping and color/contrast adjustments. Black and white photos are acceptable.
  • Submissions MUST be at least 4.0 MB, but 5.0 MB or larger image files are strongly encouraged. Submissions not meeting the size requirements will not be considered. Digital files are acceptable in JPG and TIFF formats.
  • Submissions should be labeled with the student’s last name as the file name. For example, if the student’s name was John Smith, and the student was submitting three images, they should be titled “smith1.jpg, smith2.jpg, smith3.jpg.”
  • Submit images by midnight on Monday, 1 October 2018 via e-mail to kcphotocontest@gmail.com with your name and BYU ID, the semester and ISP program in which you participated, where the photo was taken, and a title and description for the image. Please be careful to include all information.
  • A $1,000 cash prize will be awarded for “Best in Show” and other cash amounts will be awarded to the runners up and honorable mentions. Winners will be notified via e-mail, and all participants will be invited to an awards ceremony.
  • Winning photos will be displayed in the southwest hall gallery of the David M. Kennedy Center for International Studies.
  • Submitted photos may also be used by the Kennedy Center for print, online, or other promotions.
  • The Kennedy Center reserves the right to refuse any entry.