Brigham Young University

History from a textbook or real life? Go abroad.

About Us


The Office of International Study Programs serves students, faculty, and departments by facilitating the development and implementation of quality international academic experiences.


We seek to promote and facilitate the best possible academic experience in an intercultural setting. Students, faculty, on-site contacts, and the local LDS community will work together in an environment of maximum mutual benefit. We will focus on:

  • Quality academic experiences
  • Cultural immersion and exchange
  • Life-long service and learning
  • Character development and spiritual growth

Guiding Principles

  • All university sponsored, international credit-bearing experiences will be administered by departments through the Office of International Study Programs.
  • Education abroad includes the full range of academic experiences available to students, including group study, work internships, and individually tailored research.
  • All programs are academically sound with strong co-sponsorship by departments and interested faculty.
  • All programs include a meaningful relationship between students and faculty mentors.
  • All students and faculty will participate in meaningful cross-cultural preparatory activities.
  • Students earn credit that will fulfill requirements for their major, minor, upper-division electives or general education and which contribute to their timely graduation.
  • All programs will feature one or more meaningful service opportunities.
  • International Study experiences provide professional development for faculty directors/ mentors through teaching, research, and collaboration with colleagues both on campus and abroad.
  • All students must pay BYU tuition for International Study Program-administered credit.
  • All program costs charged in excess of tuition are justifiable and reasonable and based on approved budget policies and procedures.
  • We will follow all professional accounting and record keeping standards.
  • We will continually look for ways to provide high-quality programs for less cost.
  • We will increase endowments to make more money available for program discount discounts and new program development.
  • International Study Program discounts and grants are discounted based on merit and financial need.
  • We will share our knowledge and experience with other universities through regular academic conferences and publications.