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    Frequently Asked Questions

  • What programs are offered?
    • International Study Programs (ISP) has four types of programs: Study Abroad, International Internships, International Field School, and Direct Enrollment.
      • Study Abroad: These programs focus on specific academic coursework. Students supplement their traditional classroom work with the experience of living abroad. Programs are professor-led in a foreign country during a whole semester or term.
      • International Internships: These programs provide on-the-job apprentice training, providing students with practical application of classroom theory. The experience may be combined with service opportunities of the student’s choosing. The students are independent of faculty, but follow a course contract provided by a professor.
      • International Field School: introduce students to local communities and cultures. The goal of a field school program is to give students mentored field research experience. Students are led by the faculty director to a particular community of interest and to conduct field work on a project under the mentorship of the directing faculty.
      • Direct Enrollment: These programs give students an opportunity to enroll in an international university while paying BYU tuition. They are taught by faculty native to the country. Credit for classes taken during the program transfer to BYU.
  • Where do I go to find program information (i.e., costs, classes offered, etc.)?
    • The best place to find program information is on the programs page. Programs hold information meetings throughout each semester. Please stop by the International Study Programs office in 101 HRCB for further details or call (801) 422-3686.
  • Can I apply for more than one program in a semester?
    • No, you cannot apply for more than one program per semester. However, you may apply to different programs for different semesters. For example, you may apply to a program in the fall and also in the winter, but not for the same semester.
  • How do I decide on a type of program for me?
    • What are your goals? Do you want to be in large group of students (study abroad) or do you want a more individualized program (international internship/field school)? What are your academic goals for the program—are you only looking to take classes in your major or more GE credits? How would the program apply to your future goals?
  • How much does a program cost?
    • Since each program is different, each program varies in price. Program flyers and the ISP web site will list approximate amounts.

      Generally, study abroad programs will have an overhead cost including tuition, housing, insurance, etc. Field school and internship programs generally charge tuition, insurance, and acceptance fee. These two programs allow students to determine all of the other costs (housing, transportation, etc.) on their own.

      You can estimate the cost of your trip on the ISP Calculate Your Cost Page. Most programs cost a little more than an average semester at BYU.

      Program charges will be posted on students’ Route Y Financial Center. A payment schedule will be e-mailed upon acceptance with the deadlines for the payments. If you are accepted after the payment deadlines, you have two weeks to pay the charges after they show up on your Route Y before being charged a late fee.

      ISP does NOT typically include airfare in the program cost. Students accepted into a program are usually required to make their own travel arrangements to and from the host country. Immunizations, passports, and visas, if needed, are also typically not included in the program cost. There is a slight increase in tuition for non-BYU and non-LDS students. For more information, please check out BYU’s tuition web site. [

      Students may make airline reservations through BYU Travel (801) 422-2989, through an independent travel agency, or by themselves. Students are responsible to obtain and complete a passport and, if necessary, a visa application. Students must update the Personal Information page when their passport number is received.


  • What types of Financial Aid may I use toward an International Study Program?
    • BYU-administered loans, scholarships, and grants may be applied toward program fees. Any scholarship applications should be made through BYU Financial Aid, A-41 ASB, (801) 422-4104. You must notify ISP accounting,, of any financial aid or scholarships you plan to use to pay for your program.

      Please do so as soon as possible so you do not incur a late fee. If you go on any ISP and take the required program credits, you will be considered a full-time student. Thus, you can still qualify for a BYU academic scholarship when only taking twelve credit hours on a study abroad or nine credit hours for a field school or internship a semester.

      A limited number of scholarships are also available through the Kennedy Center to assist qualifying students with tuition and other program expenses. You may apply for these by clicking the scholarship box on the online application. You must have an updated FAFSA on record to qualify, and these scholarships are given out on a need basis.

  • How do I apply for a program?
    • Students can apply for programs online by clicking Apply Now. Students should have a NetID, and if not, they can create one. Participants of any program must comply by the BYU Honor Code and travel safety regulations.

      Step by Step

      1. Click "Apply Now" on the website
      2. Sign in through Route Y, or select "Create NetID" if you are not a BYU student
      3. Verify: Check your personal information and update if necessary. Click "Continue." It will not let you continue if you leave areas with the red asterisk incomplete
      4. Application Creation/Selection: Select "Add" to begin a new application
          Step 1 Select the program
          Step 2 Read and "sign" the legal agreement forms
          Step 3 Read and "sign" the Honor Code Commitment Form
          Step 4 Provide emergency contact information and your passport number for bio data
          Step 5 Letter of Intent. You may "save and work on later," or you may "submit" the completed application at that point. You cannot change your application once it has been submitted. However, corrections may be e-mailed to ISP at and we will correct the information.

      When you have submitted the application, it will bring you to three tabs:

      1. Application Summary: These are items we will need:
        1. Transcript (please e-mail, fax, mail, or bring into our office only if you are not a BYU Provo student.)
        2. $35 application fee
        3. References (for study abroad) or Letter of Recommendation (for internship, direct enrollment, or field school)
        4. Resume (only for Internship, Direct Enrollment, or Field Study programs)
        5. Ecclesiastical endorsement (for all non-BYU applicants)
      1. ISP Checklist: shows your program status
        1. Once you are accepted, you need to read and electronically "sign" the four Admittance Requirements Forms
      1. Personal Information: Allows you to update or add necessary personal information. You may also add your passport information.


      1. Study abroad applicants: As soon as your application is complete, your director will contact you via email to set up an interview. You are encouraged to contact your director if you would like to advance the process.
      2. Internship, field school, and direct enrollment applicants: Your facilitator will contact you for an interview after you have completed your application.
  • Is the $35 application fee refundable?
    • No. The fee is nonrefundable (unless ISP cancels the program) and is not calculated as part of the program cost. If you are denied from a program, you may transfer the application fee to another program within a year. If you cancel an application, however, you will be required to pay another application fee if you decide to apply to another program.
  • What is required in the application?
    • Study Abroad Programs
      1. Verify personal information
      2. Bio data and emergency Info
      3. Letter of Intent
      4. 2-3 references (with one being an academic reference). Please provide contact information only. Letters of recommendation are not necessary.
      5. $35 nonrefundable application fee
      6. Ecclesiastical endorsement (for non-BYU Provo applicants)
      7. Transcript (for non-BYU Provo applicants)
    • Internships, Field School, Direct Enrollment Programs
      1. Verify personal information
      2. Bio data and emergency info
      3. Letter of intent
      4. Resume
      5. Two letters of recommendation (with one being academic).These "letter" forms may be found online
      6. $35 nonrefundable application fee
      7. Transcript (for non-BYU Provo applicants)
      8. Ecclesiastical endorsement (for non-BYU Provo applicants)

      Once you have completed an online application, the program director or facilitator will contact you for an interview.

  • What if I am interested in doing volunteer work abroad?
    • Students can participate in service abroad through the international development internships or Guadalajara study abroad. These programs offer various opportunities for academic credit. Students may also choose to participate in an individual international internship to create their own volunteer experience in the country of their choice, so long as it has not appeared on the Travel Warning List. While other programs are ultimately academically based, they may still provide some components of service while in-country. For more information, please contact the program facilitator or director.
  • May graduate students participate in International Study Programs?
    • Yes, graduate students may apply, but are required to pay graduate tuition. Graduate students are recommended to contact the program director and/or facilitator before applying.
  • May married students participate in an International Study Program?
    • It depends on the program. For those programs that do allow married students to participate, both students are usually required to be members of the program. We recommend that you contact the ISP program coordinator for specific limitations of the program of your interest.
  • May non-BYU students participate in an International Study Program?
    • We encourage all students to apply. It is actually quite common for non-BYU students to participate on our programs. The only additional work required is the completion of an ecclesiastical endorsement and a copy of the student's current transcript. Documents may be submitted by e-mail, fax, mail, or hand delivered. Please note, there is an additional tuition fee for non-BYU students.
  • Can I apply if I'm on academic or Honor Code probation?
    • ISP will not accept applications from students currently on probation at Brigham Young University, either through the Honor Code office or for failure to meet certain academic standards. Students who have been on probation in the past, but are not any longer, are free to apply to any program.
  • Do programs require a certain major to participate?
    • Each program is hosted by a department on campus, but you do not have to be part of that department's majors to apply for most programs. Some programs are geared toward specific majors while others have a general education emphasis.
  • What is the ISP preparation course? Do I have to take the preparation course?
    • All students who are participating in a group program for study abroad, international internships, field school, and direct enrollment are required to enroll in the associated pre-departure cultural preparation course. Those students who are not in Provo the semester before departure should contact their director and arrange a way to receive the prep-class information
  • When is the preparation class?
    • Study abroad prep class is a one-credit-hour class taken during the second block of the semester before departure. Internships have a two- or three-credit-hour prep classes and Field school have a three-credit-hour prep class that occurs the semester before departure as well.
  • How do I register for ISP classes?
    • Study abroad students will register online through MyMap on myBYU just like any other semester at BYU-Provo. Make sure you add the study abroad section. Field school and internship students may refer to their program facilitator for registration procedures. If you are not a BYU student, please contact ISP for assistance in gaining eligibility to use MyMap.
  • How do I get an International Student Identity Card (ISIC)?
    • Some programs come with an ISIC card as a part of the program cost while other programs just encourage students to get the card on their own. An ISIC Card may be purchased for $22 from the ISP office in 101 HRCB. Learn more about the discounts abroad with the ISIC card by checking out their web site:
  • How do I cancel my application?
    • Students MUST cancel their applications online. There will be no refund of the program deposit for canceling a field school or internship. The first two payments for study abroad or direct enrollment programs are nonrefundable. In some situations, if cancellation occurs too close to departure, a cancellation fee will be charged to your account.
  • What is "Take-Off"?
    • Students MUST cancel their applications online. There will be no refund of the program deposit

      About a month before departure, you will receive an e-mail from our office telling you to complete your Take-Off. In order to receive program materials and your backpack, there are a few more things that need to be completed. On your application summary, there is an ISP Checklist with four forms (Acceptance, Immunization, Conditions, and Risks) that need to be read and electronically signed. You need to be registered for the appropriate ISP classes (no non-ISP daytime classes allowed), enter your passport and flight information (only the flight in and out of the U.S.—no connecting flights), and be financially cleared with all of your program charges paid. Once all these things are completed, come to 101 HRCB to be cleared for departure, pick up your backpack, and any other materials needed for your program.

      UK programs need to make sure they also get their Custom Letters so they are allowed into the country upon arrival. It is the student's responsibility to ensure that all needed materials are picked up before departure. If you have any questions, please come in to our office located at 101 HRCB, or give us a call at (801) 422-3686.