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Career Workshop

What Comes Next?
A Fresh Take on International Affairs Careers"

     Jacob Glenn, FSO candidate
     Wednesday, 27 May
     2:00 p.m., 238 HRCB, flyer

Speak Arabic Fearlessly

Summer Arabic Camp for High School Students
Three levels. Students learn through doing. "Arabic" house immerses students in Arab culture. Skilled teachers and tutors provide role models to help students succeed. Financial aid is available for those with demonstrated need. Visit the web site.

Brown Bag Film Series

The Beyond the Border series explores international issues from war and politics to art and music, representing a rare glimpse into a world that is foreign to most Americans and examining events, trends, and stories from around the world with an emphasis on international relations.

Wednesdays, noon, 238 HRCB, flyer

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Paula Antonieta Thomas
Latin American Studies
FLAS Recipient

Paula is originally from Santiago, Chile, where she learned English while growing up. At BYU, she received a double degree in Latin American studies and Spanish and served as an officer for SALAS. Her love for Portuguese and the culture and history of Brazil developed and she completed an MA in Hispanic literature, with a special emphasis in the Southern Cone. This summer she will study advanced Portuguese at BYU and begin a PhD in Latin American literature in the fall at UCLA.

Rachel Connell
Biology and Portuguese
FLAS Recipient

Rachel is from Washington State. She interned in Faro, Portugal, with CCMAR, a marine research center. This summer, she will be studying Portuguese at the Fast Forward Language Academy in São Paulo, Brazil. As an intern, she will catalog and transpose the personal correspondences of two prominent authors in Brazilian literature at the University of São Paulo's Instituto de Estudos Brasileiros.

Adam Wilson
Hispanic Literature
FLAS Recipient

Adam is from North Carolina. He is in his second year of the Spanish MA program where is studying Hispanic Literature with a focus on Latin American literature. At UNC-Wilmington, he received a major in Spanish and minor in Latin American studies. Adam will study Portuguese in Florianopolis, Brazil at the Universidade do Sul de Santa Catarina.

Kohei Oman
FLAS Recipient

Kohei spent many of his formative years in Japan and Malaysia before moving to the United States. These years abroad influenced him to think differently than many other Americans do and to have a more international identity. Fluent in Japanese, he is now pursuing fluency in Korean. Kohei will be spending the summer in Seoul, South Korea, where he will study Korean at Seoul National University.

Joseph Heath
European Studies
FLAS Recipient

Joseph will spend the first half of summer with BYU's Moscow Study Abroad. Then he will fly to Tbilisi, Georgia, to continue his Russian studies at the Georgia Language Center. In addition to studying Russian, Joseph will investigate Bohtan Neo-Armaic and Batsbi, two of the endangered languages of Georgia, which have about 400 and 300 native speakers, respectively.

Lucas Jones
FLAS Recipient

Lucas is from Georgia. He was an assistant administrator for the EFD political party in Brussels and a policy representative for the Worldwide Organization for Women in Geneva. This summer, he will be studying Hindi in Washington, D.C. at the International Center for Language Studies (ICLS), the language school of choice for many government agencies preparing their employees for work abroad.

The Kennedy Way
Leadership with a Global Perspective

Explore the key values that contributed to David M. Kennedy's leadership style and global perspective, both of which are inextricably linked to his lifetime of service. Ambassador Kennedy's vision and legacy are captured on this new forty-one minute video.

Geoffrey Pears
FLAS Recipient

Geoffrey is from the Nashville, Tennessee area. From a young age he knew he wanted to study law and travel internationally, so he chose to study accounting and Asian studies while at BYU. He will be in Cebu City, Philippines, this summer studying Cebuano at the North American Language Academy. He looks forward to enhancing his language skills and expanding his knowledge of international culture.

Kate Linsley
Comparative Literature
FLAS Recipient

Kate is from Utah. She plans to focus on both Japanese and English literature. Homeschooled growing up, she developed a love for languages and cultures through her personal study of both Spanish and German and then Japanese at BYU. Kate has been accepted to the Inter-University Center for Japanese Language Studies in Yokohama, Japan.

James Hodgson
Political Science
FLAS Recipient

James has minors in both international development and Asian studies. After finishing his undergraduate degree, he plans to join the Peace Corps and then continue on to law school. James will be studying Hindi this summer at the American Institute for Indian Studies in Jaipur, India.

Alex Rice
FLAS Recipient

Alex was born in Atlanta but raised in Utah. He graduated from BYU with a BA in linguistics and a minor in Spanish. While at BYU he went to the Ecuadorian Amazon to learn and study Quechua. Since then, he has worked closely with faculty on various research projects resulting in publications and a presentation at a conference of the Linguistic Society of America. Alex will spend the summer at the Andes and Amazon field School in Tena, Ecuador, studying Quechua and doing linguistic research.

Ian Blackwelder
Environmental Science
FLAS Recipient

Ian is from Laguna Niguel, California. This summer he will be studying Quechua in Otavalo, Ecuador. While there, he will not only learn the language but also have the opportunity to observe agricultural practices in the area.

Richard Bruner
FLAS Recipient

Richard is from American Fork, Utah. His minor is international development. He is fluent in Romanian and will be studying Hindi this summer at the International Center for Language Studies in Washington, D.C., which specializes in career-focused language development, something that will help him greatly in preparation for government work.


Career Workshop

"What Comes Next? A Fresh Take on International Affairs Careers," Jacob Glenn, FSO candidate, 2:00 P.M., 238 HRCB
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